Saturday, 10 January 2015

Goodbye Christmas!

My Christmas tree 2014
Hi and welcome to my new blog. I've been collecting vintage stuff since I discovered the Sunday flea market in Brighton nearly thirty years ago. I like anything that smells of nostalgia: old tools, books, pictures, china and brown furniture. My areas of interest stretch from late Georgian to mid 20th century. I've had some lucky finds over the years. I love nothing better than scouring junk and charity shops or visiting broccantes on my travels.

My obsession with 'old junk' does not go down too well with my mates at the gym so I've tended to keep it under the radar. Recently, though, I've been meeting more and more guys who are getting into vintage so I thought I should start sharing my passion online.  And so to my first post -


For me Christmas ends on the 6th of January, Epiphany, or as the Spanish call it, the feast of los Reyos Magos. This is a big day in lots of countries. Children in Italy get a visit from La Befana, the kind witch who will fill their stockings with gifts if they've been good all year or a lump of coal in their shoe if they haven't. In Spain, blokes dressed as the three wise men lead a parade around the village.  It ends in the main square where gifts are given out and there is a firework display.

On the 7th I take down my Christmas tree, carefully wrapping my vintage baubles in tissue. I've been hoarding these for many years, often buying whole bags of decorations in summer for less than a pound. They're usually filled with rubbish tinsel and plastic tat but there is always one or two gems to add to my collection.  I've got so many now I'd put up two trees if I had a bigger house. Sadly these baubles tend to be rather expensive now. They charge up to £20 for a boxed set in vintage shops.

Here are some pictures of my collection before it was stowed away for another year.

These are some of my smallest baubles.

I find warm colours show up the best against the dark green of the tree.

Most of these were bought at a car boot sale in Bingley. The two Santas come from Spain.

These were made in Poland but were originally sold in Boots.

Most of these birds were bought on a day trip to Bruges.

Goodbye until the 8th December!